The Man Behind the Art

What’s with this moose on the loose you ask??? Well, here is some background on this wacky animal! We enjoy sourcing US made materials, US manufacturing and partnering up with local artist. You may recognize Geoff from our Team page, or maybe you met him along his bike packing trip across America. Oh, and did we mention he creates some of the most stellar badass artwork known to humankind. His eye for creativity goes above and beyond and when we approached the idea of this moose on a bike packing trip, Geoff said no need to say anymore. A few days go by and my inbox dings… It was a masterpiece! We tweaked a few things… the squirrel’s marshmallow must be engulfed in flames… and there you have it; the moose was off to adventure. This is part #1 of a short story that follow the moose along as he meets up with other riding buddies. 


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