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Matt Moosa - Finding Stuff 

The man behind the packs - Matt Moosa, Founder & CEO of MoosePacks LLC. Matt is a native of North Carolina and was basically born on a bicycle. At the age of fifteen Matt’s first job was at a large bike retailer where he continued to work part time for thirteen plus years. He always loved tinkering with bikes finding new ways to engineer things. His fondness of cycling transformed into a racing career at a very young age, beginning with mountain bikes. He transitioned into road cycling and raced for five years at the U.S. domestic professional level.

How did he get into sewing and designing? Funny story… it all started with the flip of a coin. Matt had always grown up watching his mother sew and one Halloween he needed a costume. Matt went to the fabric store, bought map printed fabric and made his first button up shirt (He went as a tourist that year). His love of cycling and the Blue Ridge Parkway landed him at Appalachian State, the perfect university. He was debating between Recreation and Parks Management or studying Apparel Design. His mother asked, "why not let fate decide?" So, he flipped a coin. All of the countless trips around the country going to bike races he realized the importance of a well-designed bag, so instead of a wardrobe like the rest of his peers, he designed his first backpack for a class project.”

After graduation, he began his career working for large outdoor apparel companies, where he learned valuable skills of product design and pattern making through research and development. His experience in bike sales he knew there was a need for unique cycling accessories. During a long gravel ride, he decided he really wanted to mold his love for cycling, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship into a business. In his free time, when he wasn’t riding his bike, he was using those skills and experiences to build better products. Once he made his first handlebar bag, he found his passion. Matt's experience, skills, and passions aligned, and he formed MoosePacks LLC.