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Foley Armknecht - Field Test Specialist 

Bio: Growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Foley had always been attracted to big adventures that left her feeling small and in awe. Her love for endurance sports started in middle school when she joined the cross-country team-- from there Foley would run the long dirt roads and steep inclines that filled the front range of Colorado, falling deeply in love with achy muscles, sweat, and proper hydration. It wasn’t until Foley was 21 and in her senior year of college at Fort Lewis in Durango, that she started mountain biking and falling in love all over again. “I had zero idea what I was doing and didn’t understand how the bike worked at all”. “As frustrating and challenging as it was, I was hooked” Foley Said. After college, Foley moved back to the front range, where she spent 4 years with Shimano Pearl Izumi as an outside rep falling more and more in love with riding her bike and riding all over the country. In 2019 Foley dipped her toes into racing and entered her first mountain bike race. The Breckenridge Firecracker 50. Foley placed 3rd in the women’s pro field after a wrong turn and a Coors hand up! In 2020 Foley moved to Old Lyme, Connecticut with her love, Ben Wolfe where they both work for the CCAP, ride their bikes and hike with their little dog, Poppy.  

Career title: Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program Coordinator 

Hobbies outside of Cycling: Baking, Dog walking, Hiking, Cross Stitching, Watching the bachelor!